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10 reviews
  • Jayana Pyant·

    We have been using practice monkeys since 2019. She is a great encouragement and so versitile on so many instruments!

  • Dawn Peluso·

    We love Practice Monkeys! We have been using them since 2018, and they are a blessing to our family.

  • Emily Freeman·

    My children truly look forward to their assessments with Mrs. Van Kleeck. For my beginners, she is gentle and so encouraging. For my more advanced students, she expects great things from them and they always rise to the occasion! She is really an excellent teacher and I appreciate every opportunity my children have to receive a private lesson or assessment with her.

  • Katrina Martinez·

    My kids are all making such great progress with their instruments with Practice Monkeys and Mrs. Van Kleeck is a great teacher. I am always impressed by her enthusiasm and how encouraging she is with the kids.

  • Matt McCarty·

    We could not be happier with Practice Monkeys! Our children look forward to their piano and violin lessons and the instruction they receive is excellent. We are amazed at the comprehensive approach and care taken to develop proper technique from day one.

  • Jayana Pyant·


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